noah's arkweld
names for shapes that don't exist

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Hello, my name is Noah Mintz. I’m a Mastering Engineer. I’ve been mastering for eleven years now and I’ve worked on some amazing bands. Broken Social Scene, Hayden, Howie Beck, Death From Above 1979, Matt Mays, The National and lots others.

Before I was a Mastering Engineer, I was in a band. That band was called hHead. We released two albums under the now gone I.R.S Records and one album under the just as gone Handsome Boy Records. hHead was an influential post-grunge band in the mid-nineties. We toured extensively across Canada and the US.

During the last year of hHead (1997) I released a solo project CD called ‘”Fun!” under the name Noah’s Arkweld. The first line-up of Noah’s Arkweld included Dan Kurtz (New Deal, Dragonette), Jason Darby (Evil Doers, C’Mon) and a young Leslie Feist (Feist). After the release of the CD and some touring, I gave up music to become a full-time Mastering Engineer.  At that time, I didn’t think I’d ever go back to playing music. And I didn’t for many years.

But something happened to me eight years later. I woke up with the irrepressible feeling that something was missing in my life. At first I wasn’t sure what it was, but after a year of soul searching I realized that it was making music. Two years later I had completed a short, nine-song album titled “names for shapes that don’t exist”.

Mixing acoustic guitars, Moog Bass, live drums and various singers (including Sarah Slean, Lenni Jabour, Simon Wilcox and Carliegh Atkins) “names for shapes that don’t exist” is an eclectic and varied mix of songs that take off from where the 1997 release ‘Fun!’ left off.

I do hope you get a chance to listen to my album. I think it’s the first of many more to come.